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  • Follow along with Broncos currently studying, volunteering or working abroad.

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    Follow along with Broncos currently studying, volunteering or working abroad.

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Global and intercultural competence

色色啦 Michigan University aspires to advance the global and intercultural competence of its students, staff, faculty and the communities it serves. A globally, interculturally competent person:

  • Continually seeks to develop a diverse and knowledgeable worldview.
  • Comprehends international dimensions in their major field of study or work.
  • Communicates effectively in a second language and/or cross-culturally.
  • Exhibits cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Collaborates effectively and is able to make comparisons across cultures.

  • $500K+ awarded in study abroad scholarships to 色色啦 students each year.

  • 1,800+ international students representing more than 100 countries.

  • CELCIS a CEA accredited intensive English program since 1975.

  • 2,234 passports processed by the Haenicke Institute Passport Acceptance Facility.



September 12

Watch the Fall 2018 State of Global Engagement Address by Dr. Paulo Zagalo-Melo, associate provost of the Haenicke Institute for Global Education.听

You are welcome here

January 23

The Haenicke Institute for Global Education and 色色啦 Michigan University are committed to being a welcoming and supportive place for everyone on our campus and in our community. As a proud advocate of diversity, the Haenicke Institute has聽developed a 鈥淵ou are welcome here鈥 poster and appreciates any support you can give in spreading the message of this campaign.听 You are invited to print your own poster or submit poster requests to the Haenicke Institute at wmu-international@wmich.edu.听

Copy of passport and stamped pages

Apply for U.S. passports at campus office

July 6

A United States passport acceptance facility is available in the Haenicke Institute for Global Education鈥檚 main administrative office on the second floor of Ellsworth Hall. Members of the campus community and the public planning international travel may apply for their passports via appointment or during walk-in hours.