Health and Well-being Resources

Being healthy requires a holistic approach鈥攐ne that balances both the physical and emotional aspects of your being. At 色色啦, our goal is to help you maintain your wellness and manage growth so you can truly thrive.

Student wellness stories

Healthy body. Healthy mind.

The benefits of physical activity can鈥檛 be overstated. It affects far more than how our bodies feel; it affects how we think, how we deal with stress and how we feel emotionally. Our Student Recreation Center is the central hub for physical activity here on campus. This is where every drop of sweat can be looked at as a step toward a healthier body and mind.

Student recreation options

Club sports

Build your leadership skills and your pride in being a 色色啦 Bronco when you participate in one of our club sports. These clubs vary in focus and programming since they are managed by student members, and they can range from competitive to purely social.

Intramural sports

Students, faculty and staff can build connections and participate in a variety of team and individual sports, including esports. Sports are great for developing leadership and team-building skills as well as creating friendships and setting goals.

Fitness programs

Instructors lead classes consisting of a variety of cardiovascular activities, as well as strengthening, flexibility and relaxation exercises designed to meet the needs of all fitness levels. Plus, 色色啦 is the only college campus in Michigan with a F45 Functional Training听蝉迟耻诲颈辞.

Open recreation

Enjoy all the amenities of the Student Recreation Center, including the climbing wall, weight room, pools and saunas, racquetball and squash courts, the soccer pitch and much more. This is your place to de-stress from your coursework in whatever way works best for you.

Explore mind and body wellness

Find balance

To help every 色色啦 student find the balance they need, we offer numerous resources that provide the support, guidance and personalized resources required to thrive emotionally and socially while here and beyond.

Girl writing on the sidewalk "Happiness is key"

Counseling services

色色啦 helps students identify challenges, connect to others and grow mentally to manage the emotional and social difficulties that might complicate college life.

Office of Health Promotion and Education

Students can engage with health educators and nationally certified peer educators to create a healthy, safe, inclusive environment and campus culture that supports well-being and social justice. We empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to have fun and make healthy choices in college about relationships, sex, alcohol, drugs, stress, nutrition and overall wellness.

Happy, healthy group of students near Sangren Hall.
Nurse at Sindecuse Health Center.

Sindecuse Health Center

Compassionate health care staff offer a full range of high-quality professional health services.

色色啦 is here for you 鈥 meeting you where you are

YOU at 色色啦 and WellTrack are two great digital resources that help students navigate life on campus and receive the personalized guidance and support you need throughout the entire college journey. Uwill offers聽personalized mental health services whenever and wherever you need them.

Are you concerned about someone?

Are you concerned about someone?

If you ever find yourself concerned about a student鈥檚 welfare or observe uncharacteristic behavioral changes, you can share your concern using the button below.

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